Fashion 2010

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Calling all fashionistas! Start 2010 fashionably, and end it flawlessly. Flaunt your style, and keep up with the latest trends in fashion, guided by an article published in a local magazine.

2010 is the season of the ruffles. Tiered skirts, flowy dresses – anything ruffly will do. Marc Jacobs and Chloe featured this trend in their respective fashion shows. So dig in your closets, look for a soft, flowy, swaying-with-the-wind type of garment, and head on out. To look more hip, wear one that has a nude color, as it also is a trend for 2010. The past year revived the ’80s by going all out on color; but this year, we’re doing a complete one-hundred-eighty-degree spin by going natural. However, if you’re feeling a little sexy and showy, opt for a dress with the high split that could reach mid- thigh. Play peek-a-boo with your legs while feeling sophisticated and elegant at the same time. If you want to stick with a one- piece garment, but without wearing dresses, go for jumpsuits. This comfortable piece is flexible and can be worn all- day, regardless of your schedule. Go to the office wearing this and a blazer, just like what Ralph Lauren did, and party with it all night after. For a casual look for a casual day, wear shorts. Yes, they are still in season. Fashion Week showed a lot of high- waisted ones. However, to look not-so-casual, do wear a pair that has an extra effect to it and one that doesn’t look ordinary. Marc Jacobs styled it with a little lace and satin.

As for details, watch out for crystals. Whatever fashion piece there is on the planet, expect that it will be studded with shining, shimmering splendids. Tame the eye- blinding look by mixing a little animal print to it, just like in the Miu Miu fashion show. But, if you want to go commando and boyish, opt for a military style. Pick up some posh military pants and boots, and you’re ready to strut.

If we’re going to talk about footwear, there’s only one combination in mind: platforms and socks. Weird for your taste? Maybe. But last year’s Fashion Week emphasized the chic tandem of these two. If you’re not feeling this vogue, but still want to look trendy, go for the clogs. They are back in season, as dictated by Chanel. To complete your ensemble, make sure you wear a stylish necklace, as it is one of the highlights of the season.

With these tips, you are ready to face the world, looking as hip and fashionable as ever. If you’re feeling unsure, do consult the fashion gods and be guided by the shows from Fashion Week. Be sure to make a fashion statement that will make you stand out from the other fashionistas.


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