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What a sin a mother have done to her child, Dave Pelzer. Dave Pelzer is an abused child who survived into adulthood and was helped by his teacher when he was 12 years old. The mother who abused him called him “it” not Dave. She is an alcohol addict. I couldn’t believe the part where his mother made him eat his brother’s feces and would starve him and abandon him in a basement. It seems as if this was a Jason Halloween movie, but I think it is. What a nightmare this kid has been through and I’m glad that God had carried him out of the situation. His mother should be going to hell for what she did to an innocent child. She hated Dave in particular and treated all the other children well. I’m angry to the fact that the foster home did not report her to the police because what she did was illegal and she should have been reported to the police for domestic abuse and be put in jail. What is even worse is that the man who called himself the daddy just watch but didn’t raise any objection. I have no respect for people like that. If you called yourself a man, why don’t you tell your wife to stop the abuse. You’re not a man if you can’t even speak up to your wife.

I was so disgusted at the parents for torturing Dave like that and the fact that the social worker did not report the mother to authority. She would have serve 5-10 years in prision for the crime she did to Dave. What was wrong with the social worker? It’s the job of the social worker to report such a crime but it looks like the social worker didn’t do it in this case. Oh my gosh, I’m shock to find out. Dave should go back and seek restitution for the treatment from his mother. What a hell billy she is. I can’t believe that the world let the mother walk away freely like this. I’m angry to have a person like this still walk the street because you’ll never know how badly she will affect other people.

Dave wrote a lot of books about himself and you can find out more by buying his books. He wrote several bestselling ones. This book should teach a lot of people that you should not be a silent dad like Dave’s dad. How could you be a man and not be able to speak up to your wife or remove your child from your home. What a pathetic man he is. Please don’t be like his dad and his mom. They are examples of the failing of children in America.


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