February Movie Fever

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The love month of February is fast approaching. Lovers all over the world will surely be planning the most romantic date ever. Others may watch the sunset at the beach, dine in an expensive restaurant, or just catch a good ‘ol movie. A lot of movies will be released next month, and they look promising.

Kick off February with a dramatic story of romance between John and Savannah, played by Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried, respectively. Adapted from Nicholas Sparks’ winning novel of the same title, bring tissues when you watch this movie, just in case. John and Savanah’s love story starts in one vacation and continues for seven years while battling the far, far distance that they share. To compensate for John’s absence, caused by numerous military assignments, the twosome writes letters to each other. Coupled with the tagline “Is duty enough reason to live a lie?,” this movie is sure to be a tearjerker. However, if you prefer a more action- filled movie, go see “From Paris With Love,” which stars John Travolta and Jonathan Rhys Meyers. James Reese, played by Meyers, lives in France and has a part-time job in the CIA. He hopes to live up to the real role of an agent, but he may regret this dream once he was thrust into a life- threatening mission, in which Charlie Wax (Travolta) will join him.

If you are in for an adventure, watch the movie adaptation of the book “The Lightning Thief.” Logan Lerman stars as Percy Jackson, whose Greek mythology book turned out to be not so much of a mythology. Enroll in a crash course on the Greek gods as Percy embarks on an adventure as he discovers who stole Zeus’ lightning, which is the crime he is accused of. But, if you want to ring in Valentine’s Day with an extra mush, catch “Valentine’s Day,” which stars the (then) Taylor- Squared couple. The movie shows inter- connected love stories of people of different age groups. See how cupid hits them with his arrow on the world- celebrated day of love.

Renowned director Martin Scorsese directs another movie, entitled “Shutter Island.” Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo star in the movie as two US marshals. The two partners are investigating on the disappearance of a criminal in a far- away island. Get your adrenalines pumping with this thriller- suspense. Bruce Willis stars in the comedy “Cop Out.” The veteran actor teams up with Seann William Scott and Tracy Morgan as their team searches for a lost baseball card. With these movies in line, February is bound to be interesting and a mix of different types of movies. Make sure you catch them all as you celebrate the love month.


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