Hannah Montana Grows Up

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As far as 2009 was concerned, and as far as the people were concerned, Miley Cyrus was “voted” as the celebrity with the worst influence, according to an old report of Reuters. Indeed, a lot of allegations and controversies reached Cyrus’ camp. At such a young age, Miley publicly dated a 20- year old model, which starred opposite Taylor Swift in “Love Story.” She was also highly criticized for the nude photo shoot she did for Vanity Fair. Cyrus was apologetic for the incident, and said, “For Vanity Fair, I was so honored and thrilled to work with Annie [Leibovitz]. I took part in a photo shoot that was supposed to be ‘artistic’ and now, seeing the photographs and reading the story, I feel so embarrassed.” Also, she was accused of being a racist when a photo of her and a group of friends surfaced, which showed the gang slanting their eyes to look Asian in front of an Asian friend. Added to the criticism of Miley Cyrus was her poor choice of clothing. She was said to show too much skin and wear few clothing. In her “Party in the USA” video, Cyrus was wearing short shorts, with her bra peeking from her top. Photos of her, with her midriff exposed, were posted all over the Internet, too.

Fans were greatly dismayed by Cyrus’ behavior. Many people, especially the kids, were and are still looking up to her. Even though she was greatly backed up by Disney and her parents, the image she portrayed on television and the behavior she showed were not the worthy examples that the kids should be following. Among the thousands of people who took the AOL survey, the fact that Miley Cyrus came out on top should greatly affect the starlet and her stardom. As for you, do you think that Miley Cyrus is abusing the privilege of having the best of both worlds?


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