Your Volkswagon Fox Fuel System Could Be Affected By Recalls

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The Volkswagon Fox was recalled when Volkswagon of America provided a manufacturer’s report dated April 8, 1992 to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The report identified the fuel system component as the reason for the recall. The recall was assigned Campaign ID Number: 92V058000. The same defective component was used in the production of the 1990 through 1993 Volkswagon Fox models. The recall and campaign number, therefore applied to the years 1990 through 1993.  VW Fox owners that have vehicles produced in those years have fuel systems that are potentially hazardous to their safety.  If your vehicle is affected by the recall, you are entitled to a free remedy to the problem.

Manufacturer’s Report Describes Primary Reason For Recall

The NHTSA manufacturer’s report described the primary reason that the fuel system caused the April 1992 recall. The fault was attributed to the fuel distribution hose that is responsible for the proper distribution of fuel in the engine. The hose has clamps to attach it and under normal circumstances, keep it firmly in place. Fuel travels through this hose. The problem occurs when the hose shrinks.  The force of the clamps becomes ineffective. The consequence of this is fuel leaking into the engine. If the fuel is ignited, a fire results under the hood.

Volkswagon of America, Inc. was aware of issues with the Fox’s fuel system as early as May 22, 1991. That was the date of the first recall involving the fuel system. This particular recall identified the same component that would later be identified in the 1992 recall. Although this first recall involved the fuel system, the potential fuel leak was associated with a metal fuel line. The problem of the fuel line rubbing against the engine’s intake manifold created a hazardous condition that could also result in a vehicle fire. The 1991 recall only involved the 1991 Fox Volkswagon model.

Manufacturer’s Remedy To Fuel System Problems

The manufacturer’s remedy to the fuel system problems were as follows:

  • The first recall resulted in replacing the fuel line with one that was correctly contoured to fit and not make contact with the manifold. This remedy prevents an engine compartment fire from igniting.
  • The second recall remedy was to have the fuel rail hose replaced and a new type of self-tightening clamp with a spring installed.

Vehicle owners typically receive notification letters about the recalls, however, any Volkswagon Fox owner that suspects their vehicle is among those affected can contact The toll-free phone number is: (888) 327-4326



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