Robert Patterson and Kristen Stewart acting skills

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What do I think about Robert Patterson and Kristen Stewart in Twilight? I think that Robert Patterson is great looking and Kristen Stewart is very pretty. She’s hot. She has that fresh, next door girl kind of look. I enjoy seeing them on screen together. I like Robert Patterson’s performance. I think he’s right for role. He’s handsome and he looks like a vampire. I like Kristen Stewart too but she is a bit stiff in some of the scene. She’s not very emotional and she’s out of it.

I think that she needs to improve more on her acting. I don’t know how new she is to the industry but she needs to act more and get into the groove. I can’t feel or see the passion sometimes in the movie. It’s hard to feel anything when Kristen is not doing her best. I can see that she’s totally out of her character and it’s like she’s just sitting there waiting for something to happen. She’s not very involved in some of the scene. If she gets involved then she will be better. I would like to see her more emotional and just a bit weaker than what she is. She would be better if she’s more vulnerable. Vulnerable is the word. She’s hot but then she needs to get into her character more. I like the way Robert acts.

I think he’s fine the way that he is. I also like to see some improvement in the way that they dress the characters or do their makeup. It’s not up to par yet. They don’t look frightening or scary enough for the movie. They are vampire after all so they shouldn’t be in street clothes so much. Maybe they should try a long black rugged coat and some more makeup to make them look like vampires. I would like to see more of vampire’s makeup and clothing. If they look at some other vampire’s movie, the makeup is much better. People were disappointed in the movie and I hope that they will change that in any upcoming movie for Robert and Kristen. I do love the jungle and the green background filter. It looks great. I also like the power too. I like to see more of that.


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