What it’s like working with Paris Hilton

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What’s it like seeing Paris Hilton in person? Is she as pretty as she is in the magazine? Yes, she is exactly like the way she is in the magazine. She’s very lovely in person. I saw her and Simon Rex one time on a movie set. I was from the movie industry several years ago but I quit now. I saw her and she was very lovely. She was tall, thin, and young looking. She was very thin actually. She was kind of spoil like the way you see her in the movies or magazine.

She presented those same images in person. She smiles if you smile at her. She’s not that stuck up like I would think that she is. She’s very friendly actually. She was doing a movie at that one particular time. She was nonchalant about the whole deal. I guess she’s pretty bored on the movie set. I really like seeing her in person. She was Paris Hilton, the popular celebrity every girl or guy want to meet and I was working next to her. One thing that I remember is that she was very pretty.

She was tall and young looking with blond hair. I also saw her bff Nicole Richie. Nicole Richie was exceptionally pretty in person. She was hot. She was really nice and quiet too. I happened to see her on another set that I was working on. When you’re in Hollywood, you will get to work with all the stars. When I met these celebrities, I learned that they are really nice, humble and sweet which is the complete opposite of what I would think about celebrities.


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