How to know when you are ready to commit to a Pet Adoption

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Pets enrich our lives and we in turn care for them and give them a loving home environment to thrive in. Getting the right pet for you or your family’s circumstances is very important, because whether it is a kitten, bunny, ferret or a puppy this relationship may well span into 20 years and that is a long term relationship indeed. You and your family also have already formed your lifestyle and your personalities, and you need to assess what kind of animal will be a good balance with all of your time schedules, cleaning styles, and careers and recreational activities. 

Even though it sounds like it is counter intuitive to get a very meek and mild kitty cat in a houseful of 5 rough and tumble boys, people do it all the time, and sometimes it turns out ok and the cat can adjust, and sometimes the cat hides 20 hours plus every day only coming out when it feels that is safe. The same goes for very busy, travelling career people who get high maintenance dogs that need a lot of exercise and attention. Even if you have a yard for the dog to be outside, they crave real attention from their owner, not just sirens and neighbors yelling at them. Ferrets have been known to be a real nuisance for chewing up things and biting guests. Bunny’s can be prone to diseases that you need to be aware of before you get one, they also can be partially litter trained but not for the little pellets they will leave behind. 

The financial burdens can run from very low budget to a life and death decision about thousands of dollars in a matter of minutes. You must know what your belief is about how much you would be willing to spend or even how much you have to spend on emergency and follow up pet care and or pet insurance. Even without health problems pet’s can have destructive behavior that costs a lot of money, they do not compute how much an antique is worth when they have chewed the legs off of it and all your crystal has fallen to the floor in a loud crash. 

I do feel that every child, every person young and old and even busy career type people should have pets. They really do bring that something extra into our lives. They are entertaining, they love us unconditionally, they protect our homes, they can be cute and humorous, and they comfort us! I just think it is a big decision that people have to take their time with, because once you see that pet looking up at you from its cage with those sad eyes, you are a goner, you will sign anything!


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