House Cleaning Shortcuts That Save Time

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We want a clean house and we want to spend as little time as possible cleaning it. Short of hiring a maid to do the house cleaning for you, here are some cleaning shortcuts that will save time and get the job done.

The night before your planned house cleaning, pick up all the clutter.

Have a house cleaning plan so no time is wasted. Know where you will start and work your way through the house, cleaning each room as you go.

Use only a few key all purpose cleaning supplies. Glass cleaner, multi-surface cleaner, tile cleaner and a mild abrasive.

Place cleaning supplies along with cleaning cloths and trash bags in a bucket to carry with you from room to room so no time is wasted running back and forth getting cleaning supplies.

Let your cleaning products work for you. When you enter the kitchen or bathroom, spray the surfaces with the all purpose cleaner first and allow it to set while you clean mirrors and empty trash cans. After the cleaner has set for a few minutes you won’t have to use as much elbow grease and time to clean. Plus the cleaning product will disinfect the surfaces better when allowed to set for a few minutes.

Clean from top to bottom in every room. Knock dust, cobwebs and small debris onto the floor and save the vacuuming for last.

Vacuuming the high traffic areas of your house regularly to keep them look nice. Vacuum the entire house once a week.

Make your house cleaning chores about getting in some exercise too. Place your favorite CD in the player and move around the rooms to the music. Dance, squat, stretch and bend to the music while you clean and at the end of 30 minutes, you’ll have a clean house and 30 minutes worth of exercise.


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