Introduce Excitement Into Mathematics

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Within the past ten years, many ideas and programs that promote student mathematics enrichment have been initiated.

To home schooling leaders who are not familiar with the new efforts to excite interest and student participation in mathematics, this is a brief introduction to a movement that is enjoying worldwide success: the National Mathematics Trail.

Kay Toliver, an award winning mathematics teacher, is one of the movement’s apostles. Click this link to hear this inspirational leader talk about the math trail.

Kay Toliver ‘s trail engages her students. A math trail may be the way to charge your students to excitement in mathematics. Click the link to get some math trail ideas for k-8 students.

The Mathematics Trail, also called the Mathematics Walk, gives students and teachers a window through which to view the progress of other participating students and teachers. Click these links to a

Math trail for 1st graders

Math trail Brazil

Math trail UK

Do you need more ideas?

Ron Lancaster is a retired middle and high school teacher who believes in the importance of mathematics trails. Now he is an invaluable resource for the nonprofit Math for America.Click this link to hear Ron’s clues on how to construct a trail.

Mathematics trails are fun and exciting. They are also excellent ways to integrate technology and the 21st century digital skills to your student.

Your small preparatory investment to launch your math trails may provide a student the spark needed for success in a mathematically supported career.


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