What are the differences between the iPhone and iPod Touch?

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What are the differences between the iPhone and iPod Touch?

Apple’s iPhone and line of iPods, including the iPod Touch, have record breaking sales and are in the hands of millions of consumers. Both the iPod Touch and iPhone have a similar look and design. Both can also hold music and videos and both can play games.

But there are a few key differences between the iPhone and iPod touch. Knowing these differences can help you determine which device meets your needs.

Phone capability:

This is obviously the biggest difference between the two Apple devices. The iPhone, as the name implies, is at its heart a phone. It is capable of making and receiving calls as well as sending and receiving text messages. It can connect to wireless cellular networks such as AT&T’s network. The iPhone lacks this capability altogether.


Oddly enough, the iPod Touch (as of January 2010) lacks some of the core features of the iPhone. The iPhone contains a camera capable of taking photos and video while the iPod Touch lacks a camera altogether.  The iPod Touch also lacks a built in microphone.


One advantage for iPhone users is that the iPhone can connect to the internet via the cell phone carrier’s wireless network. This means that as long as the iPhone is in a service coverage area of the cell phone provider’s network, the internet features can be used.

The iPod Touch does connect to the internet via WiFi connectivity. But this requires the device to be nearby a wireless access point such as those in wireless home or office networks or in coffee shops and libraries.  This means that while the Touch is loaded with internet rich applications, these can only be used when a WiFi network is nearby. The iPhone also has WiFi access in case the cellular provider’s service is unavailable and a WiFi connection is close by.


While the software changes with each model release, the iPhone by default often has more widgets and programs on board than the iPod Touch. For example the iPhone has a built in e-mail client and map navigator. While these can be downloaded later for the Touch, the number of programs preinstalled is higher on the iPhone.

The biggest consideration is whether you need a phone with a built in browser, gaming, music, and media player or whether you just need everything but the phone.

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