How do you impress a woman

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How do you impress a woman? Women are not hard to please. They’re forgiving, understanding and easy to please. Many men are afraid if they’re doing the right thing but women could be really forgiving too so doesn’t worry too much. Women are different from men and sometimes if you ask women to do men things they might not be that impressive with you. My boyfriend once asks me to wait while he finishes watching the Lakers game with his buddies when I needed to talk to him. I was really frustrated with his sports habits and I decided to tell him to take a hike. There are things that you can do to make them want to stop liking you. Men don’t’ pay attention to their habits sometimes. I know that my dad yells and screams a lot and that irritate my mom. She’s a woman who doesn’t like yelling and screaming. Men think that women are ok with it which is not true. Women are gentle, diplomatic creatures so they expect the same thing from men.

Always watch out for your tone of voice

Men are used to grumping loudly but women don’t find it impressive. If you yell at them on the first date they might not want a second date. Women don’t like loud voices, yelling, screaming or insulting. If you don’t do these things they will like you more. If you feel like yelling or screaming, you can just hold it or leave the room for 5 minutes and then return. If you use a harsh tone of voice on the first date, it will not impress your date.

Be a gentleman

What does it means to be a gentleman? It means that you will be a gentleman like paying for the date and give them a coat when it’s cold. Little things like these will count. It’s important to be a gentleman. Women will fall for you quicker. If you make a woman pays for a date, she will not be impressed. This is so on the first date.

Dress up

Men hate to dress up for some reason. They don’t dress up most of the time. They like a pair of shorts and a plain white T-shirt which will not turn on anyone. I have seen a lot of men that will just show up on a date with old jeans and a plain white T-shirt. If you want to impress a woman, you will have to dress up.

Be there for them

If you are there whenever they call then you will be the one that they will always call. Women don’t like flakes so don’t be flaky. Always be there for them. When they call you and they need you, be there for them. Women would fall for a good man over a flaky man. Make sure you return their phone calls when they call.


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