How to have fun in Las Vegas

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How do you have fun when you’re in Vegas? There are many things to do in Vegas and you will have plenty of fun just in your casino and hotel. Each casino has their own entertainment center. You can go swimming, play games, dining or go clubbing. Sightseeing is also a must when you’re in Vegas. Strolling along the strip at night is one of the best things about Vegas. You will see the lovely night lights and all the lavish decoration in front of casinos.


Dining is the best part about going to Vegas. There are many lavish buffets here. Rio is a great buffet. Bellagio is another great buffet. Paris has great French food. Bally also has a great buffet. If you’re here, you must take your date or your family out for dinner. They have a wide variety of selections from French to Chinese. You won’t miss a thing here.


Clubbing is one of the must things to do in Vegas. Many celebrities go here just for clubbing. The clubs are lavishly decorated. You won’t run into nightclubs like you would in Vegas. There are many night clubs here in Vegas. Some of the most popular night clubs are Tryst at the Wynn’s, Cathouse, Voodoo doll, Rain at the palms, Studio 54 and many more. There is a cover charge for each entry unless you have a free pass. It’s expensive too. The price is around $100 or up but it will depend on which events that you’re going to. It’s fun to go clubbing with friends when you’re in Vegas. The music is hot and loud. The dance floor is big and the models are pretty. You will have a great time.


The views are amazing here in Vegas and especially in the night time. The night lights and the street people are amazing. You just have to capture a part of that. You can also see the water dance show in front of Belllagio. It’s free but the water dance can’t be missed. You can also see the Pirates show in front of Treasure Island. It’s also free. There are many large boats in front of Treasure Island. Treasure Island has many fantastic views. The Mirage also has the lovely tiger zoo. You can walk the zoo with your kids. MGM also has tiger displace. The city center will open this holiday and it has many great features too.


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