Low price hotel in Las Vegas

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Hotels in Vegas can be expensive. In this kind of economy, we can always use some extra saving. There will be hotels that are less expensive than others and you have to choose those. If you go to downtown, it will be less expensive. Most of the casino downtown is less expensive. You can find room for less than $40 a night. If you’re going on a budget, it’s recommended that you stay at less expensive hotels. There are hotels around the strips that are less expensive too. You don’t always have to drive all the way to downtown. If you’re frequent visitors then you should definitely go downtown.

Downtown hotels

Golden Spike is a casino and hotel in downtown. It’s as low as $29 per night which is perfect for frequent visitors. If you’re going with a lot of people or you’re hosting a wedding or a party then this is the perfect place for you. You will save a lot of money here. The hotels are decent and clean. The guess services are nice too. The drinks here are under $5 for most of them. It’s in the heart of downtown. If you walk around, you will see many other casino and hotels. The prices are great too. For example, at Golden Gate casino, you can book a room for less than a $100.

There is Lady Luck casino with hotel rooms less than $100. Golden Nugget is a luxurious casino down in downtown. The price is a little more and over $100 a night. It’s the best hotel and casino in downtown in terms of luxury and cleanliness. You can also find many other hotels in downtown for less than $100 a night. It’s safe around downtown. There is some crime but not directly to you if you’re visitors. It’s more among the locals. There will be taxi to take you to the strip if you want to visit the strip. It’s about a 15 minutes ride. You will save money in downtown casino. Downtown is about 15 minutes to the strip so you can still come out and enjoy the strip.

Inexpensive hotels near the strip

There are inexpensive hotels near the strip too. The Terrible is a great place for saving. The price is less than $40 for some night. It’s more expensive around the holiday. The New Orleans is great for low price hotels too. The Tropicana is also low in price. Excalibur is also low in price. There are inexpensive hotels near the strip too. If you want to save money, you should avoid places like the Venetian or Bellagio because they are expensive.


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