Great beaches to visit in California

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California is a great place to visit or live. The weather is cool and breezy just like Hawaii. You will enjoy it there. It’s also a great place for a honeymoon or vacation. The weather there is suitable for swimming during the summer time and up to late October. California is also a great place for surfing. If you like to surf then you can visit California, it’s just like Hawaii. There are many beaches in California for you to go swimming too. Along the coast of California, you will find many amazing beaches to go swimming.

Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach is a great place to go surfing. Huntington Beach is one of the best beaches for professional surfer. People come all over the place to surf here. They also hold professional competition here every summer. You can watch the show live. Huntington Beach is a great place to go swimming too because the water is very clean but the waves are high. They also have a dog beach. There are many people here. The shopping centers are right across the street form HB.

There are restaurant on the pier like Ruby and then fine dining at the beginning of the pier. The crowd is all ages. There are many hot and young goers here too. You can play volleyball, rollerblade, or rend bicycles. You can also bring your dog to dog beach. It’s a very safe beach and a great place for a date. Many people go on dates here. You can’t help it but take your date and sit in your car in front of the peer and enjoy the view. It’s great place for surfing because the waves are high enough which not the case at other beaches is. It can be unsuitable for children to swim since the waves are very high. This is one of the most popular beaches in Orange County, California for surfers and probably the most famous in California for surfers.

Santa Monica beach

Santa Monica beach is also another great place to go for surfing or swimming. The waves here are high enough. Santa Monica beach is a really famous beach for entertainment and relaxation. The beach is beautiful with many entertainment features. This is the only beach in Southern California that has the rides, singers, artists serving you as you walk the pier. It’s one of the best piers in Southern California. You can’t miss the pier here. Many filming happens here or many celebrities hang out here. You might run into a filming if you’re out there. You might run into a celebrity. The beach is safe and clean. There are many goers here. Its right before Malibu beach and Malibu beach is one of the best beaches out here. This is right off of the ten freeways and it’s in LA. There are shopping center and restaurants too.

Malibu beach

Malibu beach is a fantastic beach for swimming but not for surfing. The waves are not very high. It’s a beautiful beach with many lovely features like bars and restaurants. Malibu beach is for celebrities. They all live here. It’s a beautiful beach for a date and some swimming but not for surfing. They also have a lovely view from the hill top. This is a great place for lovers.


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