How To Prepare Your weekly Dinner Menu For The Entire Family.

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Meal planning is a sensible way to budget your weekly grocery bill and it enables you to preplan nutritious meals.  Meal planning should include creativity and variety.  Meals should be planned on a weekly basis.  Dinner is the main meal in which requires planning.

 A weekly dinner menu should include a variety of meat, seafood, pasta, potatoes and green vegetables.  For example, Monday night you could serve homemade spaghetti and meatballs, you can cook your sauce and meatballs in the crock-pot during the day while at work.  Crock-pots are designed with a high degree of safety for all day cooking. 

 In addition, you could serve roasted chicken or turkey with baked potatoes and string beans.  This entrée could be served on a Tuesday night.  The remainder of the week you could serve pot roast with browned potatoes and biscuits with a nice vanilla cake for dessert. 

 Additional dinner ideas include, meatloaf, turkey tetrazini, steak and macaroni & cheese.  You should literally sit down and right out your dinner menu for each and every day of the week.  This will help you to organize and shop for the food that you need to prepare your dinner menu.  

 It may help to purchase a notebook or daily planner so you can organize and plan your weekly dinner menu more effectively and accurately.  Meal planning can be fun and it gives you an opportunity for your family to enjoy a variety of tasty foods.  Keep in mind, I have only made suggestions for meals to prepare, you can use your own imagination.


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