Losing weight for day one

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You’re now starting out with weight loss for day one. What should you be doing for day one? I think a lot of us are tempting to eat the same way or just give up after fifteen minutes of exercising. When you’re first starting out, you have to start out slowly. Give yourself time to build up endurance, and tolerance for exercising. On your first day, you will start out with a journal and document all that you want to do and then check to see if you have accomplished it at the end of the day.

Journal entry

Today I will walk for one hour with my dog. I will count my calories. I will not eat junk food or fast food today. I will eat before 6pm. I will eat smaller meals more frequently thorough the day than three large meals. I will workout before work or after work.

Do it

After you wrote it down, it’s time to perform it. How will you lose weight if you don’t do it? Take your journal and mark it that you will walk your one hour. When you’re staring out your body is not used to working out yet so you have to take it slow and stretch. If you’re going to walk, make sure you stretch and then do your walking. It’s best to start out with walking and then run later. When you run you might get injuries because you’re not used to it yet. You should start out lightly and then work your way up like most other type of exercise.

Wear good shoes and clothing

When you’re exercising, you should wear good shoes with great support. This is to prevent feet injuries. You will also need stretchable clothing so that you will have plenty of room to stretch and breath. It’s not right to wear jeans or slipper when you’re working out. They do not provide enough support and they’re not stretchable.

Drink water

It’s important to drink water when you’re beginning to work out. You will get thirsty and lose water. Water will keep you hydrated and you can become dehydrated without water. You can be tired without water.

Mark your journal

After you have accomplished your first day goal, you can mark it on your journal that you have done it. If you ate junk food, fast food, make sure you mark it down not to do it again tomorrow.


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