Claiming your unemployed spouse on your tax

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If you’re working and your spouse is not working you can always claim them as your dependent of course on the tax return at the end of the year. You can legally claim anyone that is your dependent and all you have to do is provide proof if they ask. They will ask for proof if the dependent person is not your spouse or children. You can very well claim your aunt, grandmother, cousin if they’re sick or if you have to pay for their living cost. If you pay for their living cost, it means that you’re qualify to have it deducted from your tax. You should be able to get credit for any person that you pay and any person that is depending on you for their survival. You do need to show proof of how much money you spend on them or if how and when you spend on them. You just need to keep the financial record just in case you get audited.

The same goes with a legal spouse, and that is if they’re not working then you can definitely claim them as a dependent. A spouse is someone that you take care of so you have the right to claim them on your tax return. This has always been the law. I don’t see why people wouldn’t know about it already. Even if your spouse is not legally married to you but he or she lives with you then you’re still able to claim them on your tax return. I don’t see why not. This has always been the rules. The thing with claiming is that as long as you can provide legitimate proof then you’re on your way to deducting without any worries. The only time that you would worry about auditing is that you claim for someone who is not there and you can’t provide proof. I think that we all deserve tax credit and we should get some refund at the end of the year. A lot of us pay so much for tax already and so we have to be able to get a little gas money back.

This is everyone’s favorite time of the year and that is to get some tax back. I think that the tax system is kind of harsh on the citizens. I don’t like seeing most of my money being cut off in my check but it happens all the time. You claim when it’s legal to do so. I do recommend that people don’t do any kind of illegal claiming with tax because the IRS are very aggressive and they like to wait until they gather enough evidence and then they audit you. They like to do that for some reasons. If you’re someone who makes tons of money then you should be wary that they will audit you as you’re making more money than anyone else. They pay more attention to people that are in the six figures income because they don’t want to spend their time on someone in the four figures income either as it’s not the case that they’re after. The guys who don’t make a lot of money won’t owe them that much either even if they cheat. Therefore, if you’re the money maker, you should do everything legally so that you don’t end up getting audit and then fine and charge with criminal activities.


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