How to get a Free Birth Greeting from President Obama from The White House for New Baby Birthday

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   Anyone that has a newborn baby can order a personalized birth greeting from the President for a gift for the new baby. The personalized greeting for your precious newborn baby that will be sent to you from President Obama from The White House would make a cherished gift to receive and keep for your little baby! The birth greeting must be requested after the baby’s birth date and these are not allowed to be ordered ahead of time.

   The only requirements for ordering one of these precious keepsakes are that you must be a United States Citizen, the baby’s birth must have been in the last twelve months time period and the request must be mailed after the birth of the baby.

   To order one of these birth greetings for your baby, for free and without charge, just follow these instructions. You need to simply mail a request to the Obama White House Greeting address.  Remember to include the name of the baby, the address of the baby, the birth date of the baby including day, month and year and you will also need to include the person making the request’s name and telephone number.  Your request should be mailed to the following address.  The White House Attn: Greetings Office Washington, D.C. 20502-0039

This birth greeting  may take up to several months or more to receive, but it will arrive eventually for your little one in the mail.  When you receive this personalized baby greeting by mail, it would be a great idea to have a nice frame ready to frame it in.  It will be quite a nice historic keepsake, to be treasured and displayed proudly for years to come. I am sure your little baby will enjoy having this greeting to call it’s own!


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