How to make Flagstone stepping stones at Hose Bib area

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Do you have a water connection (hose bib) in an area that is difficult to get to? Does your hose bib drip or leak on the ground making it a headache to get to it? This little project is for eliminating those wet areas near water connections at your exterior wall. For more flagstone information see How to Design & Install a Flagstone Garden Walk .

See Author’s sketch of flagstone stepping stone at hose bib area.

Things you’ll need:

  • flagstones
  • weed fabric & shears
  • landscape rocks & gravel
  • hoe and rake
  1. REMOVE ANY PLANTINGS IMMEDIATELY ADJACENT TO HOSE BIB AREA. Use rake and hoe to clear any remaining grassy debris. Decide the stone pattern you want to place and hoe the earth to soften it. Walk on the area for a few minutes to tamp earth.
  2. PLACE WEED FABRIC ON EARTH PER MANUFACTURER’S RECOMMENDATIONS. Ask your local Home Store for additional advice in placing the fabric. Walk again on fabric, but tread lightly so as not to penetrate it. Place the flagstone steps in your designed pattern to create your flagstone steps. Leave about 1-2 inches between stones. Lightly step on stones to allow them to “sink” slightly until a firm walking surface is obtained. NO leveling necessary. If necessary, trim any excess weed fabric if it shows.
  3. PLACE ROCKS AND GRAVEL ON ADJACENT AREA AND FILL JOINTS. Pour rock gravel mix from bags and spread with rake and hoe until satisfied with appearance. The author’s area has a cut off valve for the house water supply and a clean-out drain (not shown in sketch). Use contrasting or matching colors to flagstone as desired for aesthetic effect.

Tips and Warnings:

  • Don’t worry about leveling ground or stones, you want a natural look.
  • Make sure weed fabric is placed on entire ground area to receive flagstone and rocks and gravel.

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