Choosing a good portable laptop

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Difficulty: 5

Things you will need: Books, money,

Step 1: Be sure that you are in need of a laptop Although some may see this step as somehow obvious, you may be surprised to realize that you don’t really need a portable laptop. It is therefore important that you be sure of whether you need one.

Step 2: Learn about the models When going out to purchase a laptop, it would do you some good if you have some knowledge about the types of brands and models that are available. Some models have been there for quite a while and have been a favorite for many.

Step 3: Asses your needs This is one step that people really miss out when they set out to buy a portable laptop. They go out to buy a laptop, and they base all the qualities they need for their laptops, based on what their friends have bought. The type of laptop that will be suitable for you ill depend a great deal on the type of job that you want to do with the laptop. If you want the laptop so that you can simply type in and use relatively simple programs, then you do not need a complex laptop. On the other hand, if you are looking for laptop that you will use to do heavy jobs such as design work and carry heavy programs, then you may need to buy a rather strong thing.

Step 4: Make a budget Even though its obvious that making a budget is generally an important thing, many people usually don’t see the need when they want to buy a laptop. However, it is very important that you do.

Step 5: Look out for affordability After making the decision as to the best laptop for you basing on your needs, the next thing to do is the most practical aspect. Check out the amount of money that you as a person can really afford to spend on buying a laptop. There is little sense in buying a pretty expensive laptop that will do nothing but strain your budget, when in fact you will only be able to use a tiny fraction of the available features. At the same time, you shouldn’t consider cutting down on casts to the extent that you buy something that will end up being pretty useless for the job that you have.

Step 6: Asses the different suppliers Normally different suppliers have got different reputations, even though they may be selling the same brand. They may be offering the product at different prices, or they may be having different levels of client service.

Step 7: Read reviews It is always important that you read the reviews of what other people have said. This will help make your portable laptop buying decision much easier.

Step 8: Stick to the budget The next thing that you ought to do is to make sure that you go to buy and stick to your budget. It is common knowledge that people do usually make very good plans, but the problem usually comes in because they are not willing to stick to the budget or the plans that they have made and they therefore end up making impulse purchase which they really regret later on.

Tips. * If you want to buy a good laptop that you will be proud of, seek the advice of those who are more knowledgeable than you regarding laptops. This will help you avoid rather embarrassing blunders.

* Try to make sure that you select the rather tried and tested brands since they are well known and they will go a long way to assist you to make the right choices.


* Never ever buy a portable laptop without a warranty, even though the seller tells you that you will pay a much lower for it. Whenever you hear of such an offer always know that most likely, the product has been stolen.


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