How to start being financially free

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I think it’s everyone’s goal to be financially independent. It has always been my goal and I’m trying to get there. Once you’re financially stable or independent you can get through life without having to depend on other people for every single little thing and what if they can’t give it to you. I think that you can prepare yourself for the future and finance is always a mountain that everyone is trying to sand down including myself. The reason is because money doesn’t grow on trees. We have to work for it and then we have to spend it all. It’s tough to save money if you have to take care of a family too.

It’s one of the most difficult things in life and that is to have more money than you need. Wouldn’t that be great? Well, we can do little step each day to help us get on that goal. Even a symphony begins with one single note. You have to build on it as not a lot of us are lucky to have a pile of money just appear in our living room. The key is to save little by little every single month. No one will have a lot left over after paying all of the bills but at least we can save five percent each month for a rainy day. Once we have some savings we can be independent and we don’t have to worry about relying on other people. Every adult should try their best to be financially independent. What you can do is to set short term and long term goal so that you can be financially independent.

The short term goal could be getting a job if you don’t have one and then as you get a job your income will increase and you can make more each month. If you have a job you can try to keep it so that the income keeps coming in. You should budget each month and then save at least five to ten percent of your money so that you will have some savings for emergency spending. The goal is to actually have a journal of your finances so you know exactly what you need to do. If you don’t keep track then you’ll over spend. If you’re a big shopper or spender then it’s time to tone down and only buy things you need. Saving is also part of the equation. You can cut out excess spending so that you have money left for your saving goal. I know some people in my own family that spend lavishly when they don’t make enough money. My parent would go out and buy a thousand dollars lap top when they don’t even need to use it. It’s funny how some people just don’t learn how to save and I do think that spending recklessly is a problem. If you keep a journal, save, spend less, and find ways to bring in extra income then you will be on your way to being financially independent.


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