Holiday Apartment Rentals: At Home on a Holiday

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Renting private homes is becoming a better, attractive alternative over hotels for people vacationing around the world – and for good reason. While hotels offer luxurious living that carries with it full, in-house service and a wide range of amenities, the charm and warmth of private homes is something hotels have never quite captured. Here are three of the most probable reasons a lot of people prefer private holiday apartment rentals over hotels:

1. Total privacy . It’s definitely not overrated. People put a premium to any holiday accommodation that offers optimum privacy. Nothing tops private holiday apartment rentals on that score. That’s not to say hotels and other holiday accommodation choices aren’t private; they’re just not private enough. What is ‘private enough’? While privacy is really a relative concept, most would agree that not having an audience when you’re engaged in personal affairs is part of the whole privacy package. Hotel bills are traceable and can be done quite easily; some people don’t like that. Hotel cameras can track your movements down to your hotel room’s door; others don’t find that flattering. And for others still, even having hotel staff tidying up their suites while they’re out is definitely not private enough. If you’re the type who prefers to clean your own room so nobody touches your things, you’d probably agree with that.

2. Cozy home-like atmosphere. Even while you’re enjoying the sights and sounds of Hong Kong’s streets or the adventures of the South African safari, you miss the comfort of your own home. It’s inevitable. Home is where you feel most secure, most comfortable and most cherished. Small wonder why some people find it difficult to sleep in strange beds. If you plan on an extended stay in Paris or a few weeks in Australia, the best way to experience Parisian or Aussie life and living is to live among them. What better way to do that than to actually live in a cozy villa for the duration of your stay? In the mood to try out Parisian gourmet cooking? You can do it in your own kitchen. What’s more? You can even entertain guests – families and friends you are visiting. It’s fun to play host while you’re a guest at someone else’s turf. Holiday apartment rentals are truly your home away from home. Rent a fully-furnished French chateau or a Spanish villa and experience Paris or Madrid like a local. Enjoy classic French art while you shop at the grocery store nearby. .Join the mass of Spanish faithful that flock to old Spanish Cathedrals in Madrid at the sound of the Church bells ringing on Sunday mornings. The only way to truly experience the heart and soul of each beautiful city and its breathtaking adventures is to live in it – literally.

3. Budget-smart vacations . Oil price hikes and inflation need not stop you from enjoying an annual holiday. You’ve worked hard during the past year. You don’t only deserve is, you’ve earned it. So why let high gas prices stop you from enjoying exquisite Chinese cuisines in HK or soaking up the Hawaiian sun? If you’ve originally planned on a month in HK, you need not cut the trip short because of the surge in hotel room rates. You can still enjoy your month without having to spend a dime more than you planned on accommodations. Holiday apartment rentals would be your smart choice. The bulk rent could be easily lower than the total cost of a 30-day hotel room stay in HK. These holiday apartment rentals are available in a variety of price ranges it would not be so hard to find something that would suit your taste and your budget.

The more you think about it, the more attractive an option it becomes. For endless possibilities and a truly wonderful vacation experience, consider holiday apartment rentals for your choice of accommodations. Live like a local on vacation


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