Easy Valentine’s Day crafts for kids

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There is just so many things you can make for valentines day to make it unique. Using your imagination and creativity can lead into a wonderful project. Basically just working with the crafts you have or using things around the house. Here are three valentines crafts that I’m sure would  be a great gift for someone to receive from a child. The first craft is a valentine dinosaur. I had some jumbo art sticks and wanted to make something boyish since not all young boys like the idea of giving out hearts and kisses all the time. Sometimes they would like different ideas like cars, dinosaurs etc. Now since I already made some valentines cards with my son for school, these dinosaurs he wants to give to the boys at his school.

For this project you need ten jumbo art sticks, black marker, wiggly eye, or you can cut one out with white paper like I did then use the black marker for the pupil, green paint, glue, and a pair of craft snippers. If you don’t have these then scissors will do just fine. Also for the  three hearts I cut that material out from a wine holder, which I had laying around. You can use red velvet for the hearts if you don’t have one of these. First you line up the three jumbo sticks. The first one going from left to right. Then the second one underneath the first and the third one on the bottom. Then place two sticks in the beginning cut triangle tops or should I say pointed tops. Make sure the first is shorter and the second one is a little longer. Take another stick cut off half of it and place it in the middle making sure you have that pointed top. Now you need to place two sticks on the right side and follow the same technique you used for the left side. Now cut out three small pieces for each end of the three long sticks. Make sure they have the pointed top. Take a piece of stick to make the dinosaurs neck/head. This should be approximately two inches long with a rounded top. Cut a small piece about a half inch long for the nose area. Let this all dry for about thirty five minutes or so. Once it’s dried take green paint color the whole dinosaur. Let that dry for about twenty minutes. When the paint is dried take your black marker and outline the whole dinosaur. Make his eyes, nose, and mouth, which I used white paper for the eyes. Then used the black marker for the pupils. Cut out a teeny tiny white piece for the nose outline with black. Finally cut out three nice sized hearts, glue them on let dry. There you have a really cute valentine dinosaur the boys would love.

Next craft is a valentine picture pouch. For this project you will need red velvet, which I used red material from a wine bottle holder, crochet material, string, glitter, red construction paper, glue, and picture of choice. First I took the red material and cut out a big square. This almost looks like a small pouch or pillow. Then I cut out a big red heart out of the construction paper glued it on the middle of the square. Next I took that crochet material from my old shirt, which I used for another craft glued pieces all over the border of the heart. You can use lace if you don’t have crochet material. Then place glue on the top corner also the right corner to place your string. If you don’t have string you may use ribbon or wax string that I used. Place red glitter in all of the sections of the crochet material. Now you have created a simple yet very creative design for that special someone.

Last craft is a picture frame made from sticks. This you need four jumbo art sticks, black marker, red glitter, red construction paper, string, red, white, and pink pom poms, silver glitter, and a picture. Take the four sticks and glue them all together forming a square. Then place a white pompom in each corner, two red ones on the left side, one directly across on the right side. Next place one pink in the middle of the two white on top. Do the same on the bottom. Once it’s all dried draw eight hearts with a black marker, color them with red glitter. Two hearts on each stick. Now place silver glitter in between all of the hearts, almost like little squiggles. Cut out a big red heart out of the red construction paper glue it in the middle. Outline the heart with red glitter. Place a picture of choice in the middle. You can use a magnet on the back or place a string with glue on each side. Hope you enjoy these as much as I did making them with my babies.




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