How To Wear Wedding Makeup

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Weddings can be a beautiful event. There are usually beautiful things and decorations and detail driven in everything and every item. With so much careful planning about where the wedding will be and what the dress and flowers will look like, many brides don`t think about their make up right until the very end.

Sometimes waiting so long to decide on makeup can have you stuck. At the last moment, just when you think that the planning is all done and you can finally relax, your make-up person asks you how you want your make up to look. And at first you might sit in shock and wonder what she is talking about. Sure you know how to put make-up to go to work and to go out at night with friends, but wearing it for your own wedding is a whole new ball park.

You want the make-up to make you look like a princess or at least like a blushing bride. And you might have expected the make-up person to just know what they are doing, but often they ask you because everyone has their own taste and style. Some people wear heavy makeup on a day to day basis, while for others just a bit of lipstick is enough. And there are even other times when brides do not have a makeup artist, but rather a family member or friend putting it on for them.

So it is always important to know what kind of makeup you want before you have it done. That kind of planning takes the stress out of unexpected things that will arise especially when you`re planning your own wedding. You can find makeup ideas for brides by looking through magazines. Try to find a picture of someone who has the same skin tone, face shape and dress style as you. You can even look at the model`s hair color and style to see if you can match it.

Most brides find it comfortable to go with a natural but covered look. That means that they want to look absolutely perfect with flawless skin, but still maintain that youthful natural appearance. So that means that you will want to use a good quality concealer, primer and foundation. The concealer will hide any red or discoloration; the primer will cover any lines and big pores and will give your foundation and even base. And your foundation will work to even out skin color and hide any leftover imperfections.

When your skin looks as glowing as only a brides could be, it`s time to think about lip color. This is not the time to bring colors back from the eighties; instead you will want to go with a light pink shade. This color represents something innocent and youthful just like you want to appear on your wedding day. You can save the bold red colors for the honeymoon.

Mascara that goes on lightly and is used just to increase lash sizes is the perfect way to spice up the eyes, it is also advised to go with a natural looking color scheme for the eye shadow. Blend three colors together that will lightly bring out your eyes. The eye shadow should not be bright, bold or unique. If you want to experiment with eye shadow wait until after you`re married.

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