A list of some websites I found on stumble upon

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Hello all and thanks for coming to read this.
 I joined a website called Stumble Upon on  February 3rd 2008 I have been using it since then. Basically Stumble Upon is a website tool bar type thing you press a little button on the left hand corner of your screen and it gives you a random website.

This is a review of ten websites that I found using stumble upon. Each website I stumble I will write a little review on the site and give it a number 1-5.  So lets get started.

Site one: http://gallery.xemanhdep.com/2008/12/wild-big-cat-photos/
This site has close up  pictures of wild cats  that are very beautiful. Over all I get this site a 4.

Site two: http://www.appleseeds.org/I-Believe.htm
This site is what some one believes in it is very long and I give it a 3.

Site three: http://labs.ideeinc.com/multicolr/#
I’m like this site very much you pick a color then you can pick another color all the way till you reach ten colors and it will find pictures that match the colors you pick. I give this site a 5.

Site four: http://www.kaboodle.com/gifts
Who loves shopping this site is like a community for shoppers its a fun little site but I will only give it a 3.

Site  five: http://www.sumo.fi/products/sumopaint/index.php?id=0
If you are in need of a paint shop or a simple photoshop this is the website has one right on it so if you want to make a background check out this place. I rate this a 5.

Site six: http://robertsabuda.com/popmake/index.asp
If you want to make a pop up card this site shows you how  it also has designs so you can make things in the pop up cards like roses and animals. I rate this a 4.

Site seven: http://www.destroydebt.com/articles/20-inexpensive-ways-to-entertain-your-kids-in-the-winter.html

20 ways entertain your kids  in the winter its a amazing site and  has lots of great and fun ideas that are easy to do. I rate this a 4

Site eight: http://sixrevisions.com/graphics-design/35-basic-tutorials-to-get-you-started-with-photoshop/

This is a photoshop tutorial site for when you first start out with photoshop it tells you want to do and how to do it in 35 tutorials. I rate this a 5

Site nine: http://www.therightfoot.net/mystuff/whatever/swf/bubblewrap.swf
Lets pop some bubble wrap great site if you like bubble wrap. This gets a 3 from me

Site ten: http://fun.varadinum.com/
This site is a site with lots of jokes and humor a great site if you like to read and laugh I rate this a 4.


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