Highest Elevation on the East Coast

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Mount Mitchell

Yancey County, North Carolina

Elevation – 6,684 ft

Mount Mitchell is the higest elevation in the Appalachian Mountains and the highest in eastern North America.  It is part of the great Blue Ridge Mountains and Appalachian Mountain chain which are the oldest mountains in North America.  The Appalachians extend all along the eastern seaboard, starting in Maine and stretching all the way down to some parts of Georgia and Alabama.  Although, the highest elevations on average are in West Virginia, North Carolina and parts of Virginia.  Skiing and snowboarding are popular in parts of North Carolina, West Virginia, Virginia and parts of Vermont and New hampshire.  The closest ski resort to Mt. Mitchell is located in western North Carolina about an hour away.

The views are amazing from the summit of Mt. Mitchell.  One can see miles in any direction of the foothills of North Carolina and nearby Mount Craig (6,647ft), which is about a mile from Mt. Mitchell.

Tourism and hiking are very popular at Mt. Mitchell, expecially in the summer months when the weather is very mild, averaging in the 60 – 65 degrees F during the daytime.  Winters can be quite harsh on Mt. Mitchell with snow, ice, fog, and rain very common.  The coldest temperature ever recorded in the state of North Carolina occured on the summit of Mt. Mitchell in Jan. 1985 and was -37F (-34C).  Mt. Mitchell is protected by the Mount Mitchell State Park.

Wildlife and vegetation are closely protected by state and federal agengies.  Mt. Mitchell is densely populated with many species of plants and trees, although there are two primarily evergreen species— the Red Spruce and Fraser Fir. 


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