How to Find Discount Travel in Los Angeles

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Online travel agencies (OTAs): Big-league travel Web sites like Orbitz, Travelocity, Expedia and Bookit are good for package discounts, because they combine items like flights, hotels and rental cars into custom packages, saving you the costs of purchasing each of them separately. For example, a flight from New York to Los Angeles on Midwest Airlines, with a hotel for one night (The Good Nite Inn in Sylmar) and a return flight on Frontier Airlines, would cost a traveler $264.55 if booked separately, three months in advance. The same package is available on Expedia for $246.75 — a 7% savings. Though it’s a relatively modest percentage, the savings add up with more extravagant packages.

Last-minute deal sites: Sits like Hotwire, Travelzoo, and LastMinuteTravel offer rush-booked travel and hotel deals in addition to standard booking services. For example, a hotel in downtown Los Angeles booked for the same day can cost as low as $89 per night, where booking directly through the same hotel for the same stay may run at least $189 per night. One downside to booking through Hotwire is inflexibility in scheduling if you want to save. Since hotels are offering unsold rooms, they are often available only in 4 to 6-night spans for discounted prices, though it is still possible to find discounted rooms with more flexible scheduling. Another unique element to consider is the more substantial discount you can get by booking a hotel stay before learning the name of the hotel you are booking. Though unusual in practice, this method can save a substantial amount for travelers who don’t have brand-name preferences.

Travel coupon sites: Sites like, and offer online promotional codes that can get you a substantial discount for Expedia, Travelocity and other OTAs. For example, a 10%-off coupon code on CouponCraze gets you an extra 10% off your hotel stay, no strings attached – just enter the code they provide into the provided box during checkout. A Retailmenot coupon gets you 25% off Amtrack travel to Los Angeles, and other cities with a similar code.

Just by exploring online options when booking travel to Los Angeles, you can save money and make your travel experience a little easier.

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