How to Earn Farmville Collectables via Plowing

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An unplowed field is worth nothing, farmers. Plow and plant your fields and you may find some Farmville Collectables. Here’s a guide to which Farmville Collectables you can find by plowing. Plowing is the best way to beef up your Country Kitsch Collection on Farmville.

Country Kitsch Collectables on Farmville Found by Plowing

Farmville farmers have a chance of unearthing a Country Kitsch Collectable on Farmville are high. You can unearth four out of six of the Country Kitsch Collectables on Farmville by plowing.

Spigot on Farmville

Finding a Spigot via Plowing should not be hard, as it is clasified as a Common item in the Farmville Country Kitsch Collection.

The Pocketwatch on Farmville

Another common Farmville Collectable in the Country Kitsch Collection that you could unearth by plowing your fields is the Pocketwatch.

Thimble on Farmville

The thimble is considered Uncommon and farmers with large fields who plow frequently have a good chance of finding this Farmville Collectable for their Country Kitsch Collection.

Salt Shaker on Farmville

Also uncommon is the Salt Shaker, in the shape of a seated rooster. You need to plow some fields on Farmville to earn this Uncommon Farmville Collectable.

Salt Shaker is a Uncommon that is found via Plowing

Gardening Tools Collectables on Farmville Found by Plowing

Farmers also have a chance of finding Farmville Collectables for their other Farmville Collections when they plow their fields.


The Trowel, in the Gardening Tools Collection is an easy and Common find when plowing.

Bugs Collection Collectables on Farmville Found by Plowing


The Centipede is a Rare that is found via Plowing. *However, some users claim to have found the Centipede through Fertilzing, although this is unconfirmed.

Farmville Collectables You Won’t Find by Plowing: Feathers

Currently, you cannot find any feathers for your Farmville Feather Collection by plowing. Instead, try Gifting feathers, Fertilizing Crops, or Harvesting Trees.


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