How to Enter Sweepstakes and Win BIG

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  1. Enter sweepstake contest everyday. It’s simple mathematics: the key to winning sweepstakes big is to enter daily and often. Anyone can improve their chances of winning if the would just take the time to do it. Pace yourself, especially the first few weeks if you are a newbie. Don’t suffer from burnout by entering in 100 sweeps a day, and then not have the energy to do it the next week.

  2. Enter sweepstakes during “idle hours” or dead times. These times are on days when online traffic is slowest – Mon thru Fri from midnight to 7 am in the morning. Sunday mornings are a great time to enter because people are preoccupied. Busy holiday times like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter are slow times as well. Enter as many sweeps as you can doing these times and hours, paying attention to the summer months as well (as many people are not indoors and coop up in front of a computer).

  3. Enter mail-in sweeps. Yes, the convience of the Internet sweepstakes are pretty tempting – you can also still win awesome prizes online. However, mail-in sweeps require just a tad bit more effort that is worthwhile. Dress up your envelops in the sweepstakes is local as it may be more noticeable, but nowadays, main-in sweeps are entered electronically and no longer hand picked. You won’t have to go overboard designing a noticeable envelop. Space out sending mail-in sweeps to your schedule – there is no right or wrong way proven that will increase your chances. Still, enter as often as you can, even if its just once a week to improve your odds.

  4. Enter sweepstakes and Win big with short term sweeps. Short terms sweeps generally don’t last longer than 3 to 4 weeks and if you enter, your chances are higher than winning a national sweeps simply because their are less people entering. Larger sweeps that are over 2 months get out faster, and have thousands and thousands upon thousands of entries. Still enter larger sweeps because you can still win them — just know that short term sweeps can improve your odds.

  5. Finally, enter sweepstakes and win big by going for contests that have BIG prizes. It is okay to get practice, especially in the beggining, and enter in free t-shirts or mugs — but to get a high from winning, you need to entering contest that award you big prizes such as an expensive electronic or a trip — of course, money never hurts.

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