Read This Before You Use Farmville Cheats!

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Farmville on Facebook is the most popular online game in the world. There are over 70 million players and growing everyday. There’s so much to this game it’s hard to know what crops to plant and what animals to have on your farm because everything takes a different length of time to grow and gives different rewards when you harvest them. There’s always a couple neighbors that have the ultimate farm and are higher level than you. Are you wondering how they do it? Here are a few Farmville tips and tricks to get your started:

Farmville Animals and Trees – These are very different than crops because they take no work except harvesting when they’re ready. You don’t have to worry about plowing, planting, or them going bad. Animals and trees will stay ready for harvest until you’re ready to harvest them. They give you a decent amount of Farmville cash but not as much as crops.

Farmville Neighbors – This is one of the most important aspects of the game. The more neighbors you have the better. You need a certain amount of neighbors to unlock certain items so it’s important to have them early on. If you’ve already invited all your friends, search the internet for other people looking for neighbors. There’s tons of people out there looking for neighbors just like you. Not only do they help you unlock new items, but every time you visit their farm or they visit yours there’s a chance to help out. Always help if you get asked because it gives you experience and cash.

Farmville Crops – You’ll spend most of your time tending your crops. It’s important to know what crops to plant because some take a couple hours while others take a couple days and they all give a different amount of XP and coins. The longer they take to grow means the more reward you will get for harvesting it, but watch out because if you let it grow too long it will die and you’ll get nothing.

Peas are one of the most rewarding crops if you have them unlocked. I would recommending growing as many as possible. For example if you grow a field of 20 by 17 plots full of peas you will get about 60,000 coins every time you harvest them. That number includes any costs for the seeds themselves. Don’t waste any more time planting the wrong crops. Go to to learn more Farmville secrets to put your farm over the top!


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