How to Earn Farmville Collectables via Harvesting Trees

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Start harvesting your trees to earn Collectables on Farmville. Hopefully you have trees on your farm. Some Farmville strategists recommend sellling off all of your trees. Trees are free money, when gifted to you, so why get rid of them? Harvesting trees are also a way to earn those highly-coveted Farmville Collectables and build your Farmville Collections.

How to Earn Collectiables on Farmville by Harvesting Trees

As you may expect from Zynga, there is some method to the Farmville madness, and harvesting trees will only garner you specific Farmville collectables for your Farmville Collections. If you need these Farmville Collectables, the only way to currently find them is by harvesting trees.

In the future, Farmville may provide other ways to earn these Collectables, but for now, use your Mult-tool and start harvesting.

Farmville Collectables Earned Through Harvesting Trees

Pruning Saw

The Pruning Saw Collectable is part of the Gardening Tools Collection on Farmville. It is ranked as an Uncommon Collectable on Farmville.

The Stick Bug

The Stick Bug Collectable is part of the Farmville Bugs Collection on Farmville. It is ranked as an Uncommon Collectable on Farmville. Earn a Stick Bug Collectable by harvesting trees.

The Caterpillar

Farmville farmers are more likely to find a Common Caterpillar while harvesting trees on Farmville. The Caterpillar, similar to The Stick Bug, is part of the Bugs Collection.

The Blue Feather

The Blue Feather is a Rare find when harvesting trees on Farmville. The more trees you have and the more frequently you harvest them, the higher your chances are of discovering this Rare Farmville Collectables in the Feathers Collection.

Good luck harvesting your trees on Farmville to find these Common, Uncommon and Rare Farmville Collectables for your Farmville Collections.


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