Farmville Strategy: How to Earn Farmville Collectables with Gifting

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Where and how to find the new Collectable items in Farmville. Different actions result in different Farmville Collectables. In order to gain all of the Collectables, you may have to branch out your farming activities. You need to fully engage in all aspects of Farmville if you want to earn your Collectables, and that includes fertilizing, gifting, plowing, harvesting trees, harvesting animals

Farmville Collectables Earrned Through Gifting

Some collectables are currently only available through Gifting Farmville neighbors. As with other Farmville features, this may change in the future. Farmville likes to add suprises and make changes, and some day these collectibles may also be available through other means. For now, you need to gift these Farmville collectables when they are available.

Farmville Gardening Tools Collection

Gloves – Gloves are a Farmville Collectable in the Gardening Tools Colletion. You must gift them when they are availalbe.

Farmville Country Kitsch Collection

Needlepoint – The FarmvilleCollectable, Needlepoint was available for gifting only on January 16, 2010 and January 17, 2010. It may show up again as a free gift later. Needlepoint is part of Farmville’s Country Kitsch Collection.

Bugs Collection

Dragonfly – The Dragonfly was the first Collectable available through Farmville gifting. It was available for a short time on January 15, 2010. It may fly its way back to the free gift list in the future, since the Farmville Dragonfly is a common bug in the Bugs Collection.

Feathers Collection

The Green Plume – The Green Plume is the only Feather available through gifting. Availability is January 17, 2010 and January 18, 2010.

Curently, these Farmville Collectables are are available for limited time gifting.


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