Darksiders boss walkthrough, Guide 7 Abaddon the destroyer.

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Abaddon is the endgame boss battle and he’s not easy. Make sure you stock up on life essence before venturing into this battle. Also, make sure your dash skills are top notch- the final stage of this boss battle is all but impossible if you can’t move like the wind.

You begin fighting Abaddon the destroyer in a large circular arena. Your first priority is to summon ruin. Next you need to be able to attack Abaddon from the side with a sword hit (Anything else is useless), while he is charging- but don’t attack when he’s heading right for you or you’ll take damage. You can also try to get Abaddon when he turns at the edge of the arena. He will fall over and you can dismount and attack him on the ground with your best combos. I normally mash the attack button until I’ve got off two combos, then summon Ruin and run. This means you don’t do as much damage, but you won’t be caught on foot when Abaddon the destroyer gets up again either!

Currently this boss only has one attack (A charge followed by a claw strike), the key here is to use Ruin’s charge to dodge, and use the lock on so you can keep an eye on him. Again, don’t attack if he’s charging right at you- you’ll come off worse.

After doing some damage to Abaddon his attack pattern will change. He will now attempt to dive bomb you. The destroyer will always attempt this at least twice before going back to his claw attack. Use Ruin’s charge to dodge these attacks. It’s best to leave charging until about a second after Abaddon the destroyer has taken off, that way you can be moving at top speed when he lands, and thus avoid being hit. Repeat the same procedure to knock the boss over, and then attack on the ground.

If you’re quick enough, you can also attack Abaddon the destroyer and knock him over before he takes off again! But this requires you to turn around quickly- not easy when you’ve just used charge. It’s worth going for, but only after the first dive bomb, or you may run right into his claw attack.

After you’ve hacked away at him a few more times, you will get the option to do a quick time event while Abaddon is charging (If you don’t see it, try dismounting after you’ve knocked him over and hit him for the 5th or 6th time). Complete it, and stage one of the battle is over.

Next you fight the true Abaddon, who behaves more like Uriel than anything else. He is VERY tough, and you’ll need all your skill to beat him.

His basic attacks are sword combos and projectiles, all of which you should now know how to dodge. However, Abaddon mixes things up a bit- the general rule of dodge left or right does not apply here. Some attacks can only be avoided by moving back and forth, some left and right. Avoiding taking damage is bad enough, but damaging Abaddon is ever worse! Unlike any other boss in Darksiders, Abaddon has no weak spots. Also, he blocks almost every attack. Oh, and be aware that you can also get power struggle quick time events, so be prepared to mash your attack button!

The only time you can hit this boss is just after he has attacked and you have dodged his attack. The prime example of this is the sword attack when Abaddon leaps up into the air. If you can dodge under him at the last second, he’ll be wide open. Another good one is to dodge right when Abaddon charges (he signals this attack by crouching). Dodge to the left or right, and then dash right towards him- you can attack the boss before he recovers. Normally you can get a few good hits off in that window. Once you start to hit Abaddon, you can normally finish the combo before he recovers.

Abaddon also develops a new attack (Like every other boss) where he teleports away from the arena and throws rocks at you- just keep dodging them and you’ll be fine. He’ll teleport back after the third rock and you can continue the fight.

The next change in the destroyer’s tactics is to teleport before doing a charge attack. So long as you’re good at re acquiring your lock once you’ve lost it, this actually makes the battle easier, as you know what to expect, how to dodge it, and how to counter attack. Dodge left or right, then dash towards Abaddon for the kill.

Keep up this dodge and attack cycle, and after one last Power struggle quick time event, you will finish off Abaddon! Now, enjoy the end sequence- you’ve completed the last boss battle and with it, Darksiders!

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