Farmville Tips for January 18, 2010: The Green Plume Collectable

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Build your Farmville collections with today’s giftable item on Farmville: the green plume. Start and finish your collecting of the green plume in one day, with these tips.

The Green Plume

The Green Plume is the first Farmville Collectable available in the Feathers Collection.

How to Maximize Your Green Plume Collection on Farmville in One Day

1. Send the Green Plume to all of your Farmville Friends. Include a note requesting that they send a Green Plume back. With the new “Send *friend* a Thank you gift” embedded into the gift accepting feature on Farmville, this is easier than before, and should not be a problem for your Farmville friends.

Tip: Be aware that if send a thank you gift you cannot also send that same friend another gift. When the feature was first introduced, the gifted friend’s name was not being filtered out of the the Farmville friends list and you could send a second gift. However, even with that minor glitch, the recipient could not open the second gift. Now the option of double dipping and sending two gifts to the same friend has been removed from Farmville.

Some friends like to send the same gifts over and over, or they send you what they want. Unless you tell your Farmville friends exactly what you want, you may not be able to fill your Green Plume collection in one day.

2. Log out of your main account and into yor extra player accounts. You can learn how to create extra players on Farmville by reading this article.

3. Send yourself a Green Plume from each of your extra player accounts.

4. Return on Tuesday, January 19, 2010 and send out more Green Plumes. The collectable should be available for both Monday and Tuesday.

In a matter of minutes, my Farmville Green Plume Collection has been completed:


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