Selecting a realtor broker or real estate agency to buy or sell a home

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Choose a realtor, broker or real estate agency before you select a home to purchase or before you put a home on the market for sale. You should try to chose a broker before choosing a realtor if at all possible. Interview several brokers and then make a selection. You will then be able to select a realtor or agent from their company.

Select an agent that specializes in the property type that you have an interest in or that you are putting on the real estate market. You need a broker that is willing to listen, to answer your questions and that can take charge without being overly aggressive.

Take your time and select the best agent for the job. You should obtain references from friends, acquaintances or relatives that have had experience with using an agent. The real estate agent will be very important and will represent you and your interests during the process.  They will take charge of the paperwork, documentation, opening, offers and closing of the real estate transaction.

You should meet the realtor, broker or real estate agent before making a selection. Interview each one and see if you feel comfortable around the agent. Make sure that you feel that the agent will represent your interests and not their own. Ask for their credentials, their license and their experience references.  The agent should be professional, yet courteous. 

Putting time and thought when selecting your future real estate agent or real estate business will pay off for you later. It will make a difference in your success at buying or selling your property or home.


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