See What Is Your Twitter Account Worth?

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Twitter, the social networking and microblogging services on the web started in 2006 founded by Jack Dorsey. From then on, Twitter users multiplied rapidly, and it becomes one of the top social networking site. Just recently, the site upgraded its front page giving more dynamic experience with the members.  It provides the trending words or topics flashing on screen and also includes the top tweets on real time.  Check if your tweets goes to the top tweets board.

A good and fun application site to check Twitter account worth. I just hope it converts to a real money and goes straight to my paypal account.  Whether it is real money or just for fun and curiosity, it is a great tool to broaden our network, to know who is on top of the leaderboard and easily follow them. The factors involve are the number of followers and how active you are on the site. You may go back to the site from time to time to see if your account’s worth is improving.

If you find your account still cheap, I would like to share Twittgeek “you’ll be able to follow 150 targeted users within a 24 hour time period. Once logged in you’ll just need to enter a few keywords and enter how many people you’d like to follow out of your allotted 150.TwittGeek will then go out and follow users who talk about the keywords you entered. TwittGeek takes targeted marketing to a whole new level!” The more people you follow the more chances your followers will increase.

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