Cell phone reviews: Nokia E72

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Released on October, 2009, the Nokia E72 came as an upgraded  version of the highly successful Nokia e71. The upgrade was not limited to the design but also focused on the features. The phone was highly appreciated by the smart phone lovers and also by multimedia phone followers. The e72 is a categorized as a smart phone but it does not only cater the business class. It is also a very potent multimedia phone with a 5 megapixel camera, a very speedy processor and a good music player.  The Nokia e72 can be simply defined as a complete and handy gadget that allows you to work, play and stay in touch no matter wherever you are.


The Nokia e72 weighs 128 g which makes it quite a light smart phone. The keypad is full QWERTY one with a shorter spacebar key compared to the e71. The 3.5 mm audio jack allows you to plug in your favorite headset. One very important feature present in this phone that most of the smart phones lack is wi-fi connectivity.

The camera has been upgraded from 3.5 to 5 megapixels with a LED flash. The best part is that it is not a 5 megapixel camera with poor performance but Nokia actually makes it a mark to fit in a good performing camera in a smartphone. There is also a VGA camera present in front on the top right to the screen for video calling and self portraits. As the processor is pretty fast, the video calling capabilities of this phone exceeds expectations.  There is no upgrade to create ms office files yet. Like the older e71, even the e72 allows you to only open and edit ms office files. There might be a software update for this with Nokia but the cell phone does not come packed with it. If you are looking for a phone to create ms office files then this ones not for you however for editors it sure is a useful device.

There is 250 MB of built in memory which can be increased up to 16 GB through a micro SD card. Although, the built in memory is not impressive but you can always increase it through a micro SD card so that’s not a worry. The battery life has been upgraded and a fully charged Nokia e72 can give you around 12 hours and 30 minutes of talk time and 480 hours of stand by time which is pretty remarkable for a smart phone. This means you do not have to charge your phone every now and then. You can easily travel with it without worrying about charging the phone.

All in all, the Nokia e72 can be graded as an A class smart phone. With a number of multimedia functionalities that lacked in the earlier smart phones, the Nokia e72 makes it a mark to be called ‘The most perfect phone of 2009’.


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