How to achieve plumper lips

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There has been a huge trend lately for plumping glosses. Every brand claims to plump up your lips up to 30% or 40%. Their effect is pleasing or irritating depending on how you interpret that tingling sensation. At the very least they are less painful than collagen injections. So if you really want to have that plumpness on your lips then do try the following things out.

Moisturize your lips with a lip balm and then use a lip liner to define the edges of your lips. This is a very important step as this creates a definite line between the ridge of your lips and your face. Fill in your lips, focusing on the outer corners. The idea here is darker outer corners with a light lipstick in the middle of your lips creates a fuller, plumper effect.

Next, use a nude or soft pink lipstick and fill in the centre of your lips. Smushing your mouth won’t do it for spreading your lipstick. Use a lip brush to evenly spread your lipstick. Go over your lips with a gloss, focusing more in the centre of your lower lip. When the light reflects of the gloss, it will make your lips look pouter. Another trick is to use a gold shadow or a shimmery white one and dab a bit in the centre of your mouth and your Cupid’s bow to highlight your lips. This will also make your lips look plumper.

A trick used by professional makeup artists is to outline the edges of the lips with concealer or foundation. This way the lips stand out from the rest of the makeup. Set the foundation with a dusting of powder. This will keep your lipstick in place all night and will stop it from bleeding.

Please do not use the lip liner to create a completely different shape for your mouth. The idea is to enhance the natural shape if your lips and make them plumper, not draw in another shape. Plumping lip glosses are formulated with ingredients that irritate your lips like cayenne pepper, hence fattening them up to create that full and plump look. Some good brands to try are Maybelline, DuWop and Wet “n” Wild. Just do not use them repeatedly or there might be some unsightly side effects.


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