Avoid Your PC From Any Problems

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First, Clean your computer cooling fan diligently, because crashes not always caused by software damaged, but can also be caused by the overheated of computer temperature. Thus situation could be occured if there were a lot of dust and dirt in, and it might cause an obstructing of computer cooling system performance. To prevent the hot temperature, use isopropyl alcohol, cotton buds and a compressed air. Desktop computers usually have a cooling fan for the processor, power supply, motherboard and graphics card. And we can begin by spraying the fans with compressed air. This will remove the dirt between the fan fingers. After that, dip the cotton buds into the alcohol and start brushing your fan fingers on both sides. The Clean cooler fan increasing accelerate of computers performance. Repeat these steps every two or three months.

Second, Keep your drivers and security applications updated. This allows you to always know and close the security gap occurred at any time.

Third, Remove some unwanted software applications . A new computer is usually equipped with applications that consumers rarely needed, this will allow conflict between software. To prevent this, remove applications that are not needed.

Fourth, Install a spyware software detection. For information, spyware can damage the privacy and slow down computer performance. Antivirus software developers have recently included anti-spyware features, but unfortunately less complete implementation , the result is we should use a multilayer approach for protection and spyware removal.

Fifth, Install an antivirus. Some antivirus vendors provide paid and some are free and quite good, like AVG antivirus that can be obtained via the Internet.

Sixth, Disk fragmentation is one that causes slow computer performance. Disk fragmentation is a natural thing for computer users to access and always rearrange the files. Therefore, disk defragmentation is always necessary to reset the file to your hard drive access faster and more efficiently.

Good Luck.


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