Paradoxical Faith

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 Does he really exist? One knows for those who believe. I hear the people’s plea, but are they heard? Is everyone given a purpose of living? We all have doubts, I even have doubts but why should we think of doubts if there are possibilities that can be accomplished.

 I live my life full of doubt, searching for an answer of his existence. I do my chores, homework and all life’s work but I can’t just feel him. The belief of those old folks worshipping the sun, the moon and the stars for a bountiful harvest is still a big question. They worship a lot of gods, but man himself can never live alone more of a dependent kind whom lives by tracing a creator for them to hold on to when they are weak.

 I’ve been searching inside of me seeking his presence for they say that this Absolute being resides in our hearts but where is he? Has he heard my plea? Like Every man in this world we all have our wants and desires. Yes I sought it, but why can’t I have it in an instant? Faith alone struggles for his existence. Indeed there are many sects and religious groups swarming the whole world, can someone really tell the truth? An absurd question but who’s making false beliefs? And what are false beliefs? All statements were doubts, as again I am full of doubt.

 I travel to this world flushed with mysteries unanswerable as those theories of the earth, to where did we start? And to when did we exist. Strangely, but still a question mark. I passed on to various people asking about their faith but they just can’t explain their own religion. Knowledge based all from a book that still people have just written. Could it be that they are fooling us? Think not, but could it make sense? That it would serve as a unifying force by establishing a rule or commandment? But it is possible. That’s what I really am, a person of possibilities because if you don’t believe in possibilities to what extent would your question go if you can’t arrive for an answer.

 I will conclude, yes I will conclude, faith stands strong because it is possible. That Supreme Being remains absolute and invisible. It could be supernatural force that even Science could not establish a proof. Many have spoken of the miracles he has done but could I have one? Or it was already done but the realization is still not realized. I continue to walk the corridors, seeking for the answer and find him someday as I journey through my life’s story, but one thing is solely true the journey ends in a specified time and in that range I can see through  that door and open an eternal gate where life is better, sweeter, and unending. God leads me on my life, I seek for that purpose, and yes there is a purpose. One should look in deeper for them to achieved trueness the oblivion of questioning shall be surpassed.


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