Travel destinations: Biarritz, France

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A large town with several quartiers, Biarritz is considered to be Cote Bosque’ main resort and Pays Basque’s main attraction. It became famous because of Empress Eugine who built a palace by the riverside, which is now a famous hotel, the Hotel de Palais. It was visited by the royalty and state guests.

Although it is mostly visited by world royalty, still it is a modern cum traditional city with all the conveniences of world available. The traditional touch is given by the local stone bricks used in most of the buildings. Mainly, the property is owned by the big wigs of the world. Just next to the famous palace built by the wife of Napoleon is the famous Russian Orthodox Church which is a tourist attraction in itself. This palace is a yearly vacation destination of English royalty and Russian big wigs.

Not only does Biarritz have beautiful architectural masterpieces to offer, but it is also famous for its excellent beaches, magnificent golf coursesand surfing sites. It is equally famous as a family vacation destination because of the variety of activities available here that cater to all age groups.

The excellent surfing sites here are especially famous world over. Initiated in 1957, surfing is huge fad in Biarritz now. Surfers from over the world come each year to ride the waves of Biarritz. Also, every year a surfing festival is held in Biarritz which attracts world class surfers from Australia, USA and other places.

The variety of activities available to tourists in Biarritz attracts tourists from every part of the world. You can indulge in all kinds of sports and activities whether in the air, sea or land.

There are many spas where you can go and relax while enjoying the fresh Ocean breeze.

You can find a wide variety of accommodation choices available. All you have to do is contact Biarritz Tourisme Office if you have not booked yourself a place already and are looking for accommodation that will suit your requirements and budget. There is a wide array of accommodations available that range from five star hotels to self catering, and bed and breakfast to holiday residences. Also, you can visit the official website of the tourism department and book accommodation online. Most of the well known accommodation providers are listed on this website and it allows you to book a place from the wide variety of choices available before you reach Biarritz.


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