A guide to Bon Repos Abbey, Brittany, France

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The term ‘Bon Repos Abbey’ means good rest and the place is as calm and peaceful as its name. Surrounded by medium heighted slate walls that allow a good view with an ancient archway entrance, Bon Repos Abbey is worth a visit if you appreciate architectural elegance.

Built in 1184, the Bon Repos Abbey has seen many renovations and demolishing over the years. The historical setting today takes you back to the time it was built in. Once you are here, you will enjoy the tranquility and the feel of being in an ancient town.

The Bon Repos Abbey is along the River Blavet. The interesting fact about this abbey is that it is still under construction in an interesting way. Every person here can contribute to its construction and development. You can purchase one brick and participate in the rebuilding process of Bon Repos Abbey. There are also a number of paid events that are held to help with the reconstruction cost of the abbey. The most famous one is Son et Lumiere. It is a light and sound show that is spectacular and magnificent. It is organized by volunteers who want to help with the reconstruction of the Bon Repos Abbey. It is held on the first weekend of August and the historical events related to Bon Repos Abbey are performed by the volunteer artists in an impressive manner. Horse, peasants, ladies and lords are shoed which take you back to historic times in an interesting way. The event is four hours long and worth watching. Light, costume and commentary are used with the aid of music to display the history in a colorful manner.

Other worth watching events held at Bon Repos Abbey are vintage car shows and a handicraft fair in which craftsmen work live.

Bon Repos is not only good as a historical spot, but also as picnic spot. The areas near the river are magnificent for family picnic. Tourists who acquire fishing license can also fish there. It is a calm and peaceful place away from the city clamor.

There are hotels and restaurants too by the riverside as well as shops from where you can purchase stones and minerals. You can explore the area by renting a bike too which is available at reasonable rates.

On the whole, this place can offer you a wonderful and peaceful trip. It is not a very adventurous area but sure has some good things on offer.


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