Travel guide: Thann, France

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Thann is half an hour drive away from Colmar and 15 minutes away from Mulhouse. Tourists can also take the auto route to reach Thann.  It can be reached from Mulhouse and Kruth by regular TER trains too.

Thann is near the Vosgen Mountains and close to the Thur River valley. It has many historic buildings and sites to offer although most of them were badly damaged in both world wars.

The famous La Collégiale Saint-Thiébaut of Thann is right in the center of old section of the town and a perfect example of gothic architecture of Rhine valley. The architecture of this building is similar to the cathedrals of Freiburg and Strasbourg. This beautiful building took 200 years to complete. It mainly owes its name to the monks’ college that moved from Saint Amarin in 1442. La Collégiale Saint-Thiébaut has unique sculptural beauty and attracts many tourists every year.

La Tour des Sorcières also known as The Witches’ Tower was built in 1411. It is a tower inside the old town walls with a bulbous roof which dates back to 1628. It has been converted into a museum which showcases the history of winemaking. It is another highly visited spot of Thann.

Le Château de l’Engelbourg also known as the Engelbourg Castle is on the north of the old town of Thann. The caslte has been damaged over the years and today one can only see its remains.It was constructed by the Ferrette counts in the 13th century and they  used it as a toll collection point. It was later destroyed by Louis XIV. Since one of the towers collapsed when it was being demolished it looks like an eye and therefore locally it is known as the witch’s eye.

All around the town, the 16th century houses, fountains and oriel windows will delight you and you will be impressed by the well preserved fortifications dating back to 14th and 15th century. The impressive Bangards Huts Will here are worth visiting. The best time to visit Thann is June when there is a famous ceremony in which three pines are burnt.

This historic town has all kinds of accommodations, you can choose from five stars, bed and breakfast, cheap rentals and three star hotels. If you plan to visit in June to see the burning of three pines, book your accommodation online so that you do not find yourself in a fix when you reach the town as it is crowded by visitors and tourists from all over the world at this time.


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