The Keys to a Women's Heart

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The keys to a women’s heart can be in many different shapes and sizes.  And try to keep your mind out of the gutter on that one.  First thing is that every woman is different.  They all have there own likes and dislikes.  For the most part a woman wants to be loved, to be romanced, cherished and to be free to express herself.

Some women want there man to be sensitive but not to sensitive.  Some want to dominate there man.  More or less have control over the relationship and the entire decision making between the two.  Some women want a man with a great sense of humor.  Then you got the women who like for the man to take control of everything.  Like pay the bills and what bills to pay, where to eat out at, what kind of house to buy, and all the sexual activities that goes on in the bedroom.

Most important part is that there should be love between the two before they can have a life long relationship.  And if there is no love one or neither will ever be happy.  There is a wide verity of women here on earth.  For instance there are the lazy women, women who work hard, women who are very independent, women who are very stubborn, nasty women, very clean women, skinny women, fat women, and especially the  just rite luscious women, tall women, short women, nice women, evil women, and rude obnoxious women.  Be truthful about what you feel for who ever you choose.  And if you have something you would like her to change then set with her and talk it over. Or she might set with you and talk over what she would like for you to change.  

So for who ever you are treat her like you would like to be treated and show her as much love as she shows you.  And try to always keep the romance alive.


Christian Eaves


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