The power of visualization

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If you can see it, the odds are it will come into fruition…or at the very least, you’ll get that much closer to it! Reality dictates that we live in a three-dimensional reality-blinding much of what is out there-i.e. other dimensional realities and beings from our point of view. We are effectively ‘blind’ to these realities and the possibilities of using the same universal laws applicant to them to help bring our wishes into reality; in part through the art of visualization. So, in a sense, visualization can also be an ‘attuning’ to these dimensional realities, and the potential of the powers contained through the universal laws that govern all realities: our own, and the extradimensional realities.

Even hard sciences, through psychology, understands that if you dwell on a negative mindset, the odds are that your life will invariably be very negative for you and possibly those who are directly in your path: your clique, your inner-circle. After all, negative thoughts and thinkings attract negative things and events. Science has documented the fact that those who are negative usually are sicker, have less prospects, and drag others down. Science has also proven that those who think positive usually have much better lives. Therefore, in a sense, thinking positive and visualization can be the same thing.

Visualization at the very least opens our subconscious and conscious mind to the possibilities that are out there and allows us to explore them-showing us the beauty and potential of our short time here-in what is life. We can see and map out a plan that can bring us our wishes and desires. They say achieving great wealth and other goals is usually mostly inspiration: ninety-nine percent inspiration, one percent perspiration. What better inspiration than that what comes from the infinite interconnecting links of our mind-where we can perceive anything that our heart desires! Visualization, seemingly such a small mental tool, is in fact a huge tool that allows the possibilities to become real.

Remember, positive thinking attract positive things and events to us. Visualization is the key. Without it, the odds of these things coming down the pipeline to us diminish considerably. The ancients referred to such things as ‘thought forms’, in their magical rituals and practises. It is not as esoteric as we think. But, invariably, the laws that govern all dimensional realities-including our own universe-are the same laws that govern positive thinking…and therefore positive events and things that we all ultimately desire!


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