The paranormal: Do you believe in it?

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As a researcher and experiencer into the paranormal, I’d say within thirty to fifty years, the paranormal will very much be mainstream. The current skepticism and debunking going on by many mainstream scientists will all be but gone-as overwhelming evidence mounts that there is something more definitive to paranormal thought and beliefs. Science has tentatively started to deal with the paranormal by quantum physics and mechanics, in which hard science is starting to mount that there are many other dimensions of time and space. These ‘quantum realities’, in their purest scientific form hold the key to many so-called ‘paranormal-phenomenena’-that exists all around us. In other words, paranormal phenomena exists and is part of our world, much like lakes, oceans, snow and rain. Science just needs the conclusive proof to say it exists, although the conclusive proof exists all around them.

I definitely believe in it, for I saw and experienced things that science could not explain away. I recorded spirit voices on audio recording tape since 1978, and there was nothing that could explain it away. I even came up with sound scientific theories for the existence of this phenomena, which is slowly being validated by mainstream scientists and science-‘puriusts’. I knew it was a real phenomena, and even found scientific evidence, theory and conjecture to support it. I theorized that discarnate (dead) and other interdimensional entities, perhaps existing in some of these realms, were using the dormant areas of the human brain, in conjunction with the ultra-low frequencies of the tape recorder to bring in these voices onto recording tape. The dormant areas of the human brain helped to process the ‘signal’ from the beyond, using the ultra-low frequencies of the tape recorder as a medium to come through, much like picking up other conventional radio signals on other frequencies.

I believed in it because I experienced it firsthand and saw scientific proof for its existence. Of course, not everybody will or should feel the same way. Sometimes belief mechanisms are tailored to an individual’s psyche and mindset. But I believed in it for I opened my mind to the possibilities and was not afraid to embrace concepts, which even today mainstream science is just starting to scratch the surface of in understanding. Belief for us all may also be a matter of evolutionary growth and understanding. Belief doesn’t mean everybody jumping onto the bandwagon-belief means adding another idea that can be built on and expanded to some kind of truth. But since our understanding of quantum physics and other sciences are still in their infancy, belief in the paranormal may be all that we got to go on, for myself or others.

As a researcher into the paranormal, I guess I was too personally stunned to ever try to really try and convince others. There was a knowing in my heart that I was dealing with stuff that was no longer science fiction, but science fact and reality. Something that may ultimately be interpreted differently by others, but still a phenomena that was earth-shaking in its scope and implications for my world. To say I believe in the paranormal is an understatement. I just hope I live long enough to see much more understanding of it. But if I don’t, my belief is that there will be vast new universes for me to explore-cosmically and spiritual-in what will be an eternity of growth, understanding and belief.


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