Make Money Online in Three Easy Ways

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Many people nowadays are hoping to earn some extra cash. Some ventures into buying and selling products, some are into network marketing, some are offering various kinds of services, etc. But when we hear the phrase “make money online”, some would just doubt if they actually earn from it. Though it is a fact that some sites that offers an income opportunity online are just fake or merely scams, there are legitimate ways to earn online.

As for starters, I can recommend these Three Easy Ways to actually make money online:

Way #1: Make Money by posting discussions. lets you earn by posting replies to their discussion board or by starting your very own discussion thread. This site pays you an average of .01$ per discussion you reply to and even higher when you have posted a very interesting discussion thread or when the thread starter chose your reply as its best response. You can also earn here by uploading your own photos, referring friends, and completing certain online tasks which are really simple to do.The minimum payout for this site is 10 dollars via paypal.

What’s more nice about is that aside from the chance to earn, you can actually enjoy and have fun just by simply reading and posting on to their discussion board.

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Way # 2: Make Money by social activity. provides its members the opportunity to earn by monetizing their content and doing social activity. Each users are given a customized rate by every 1000 views of their content. Just upload a blog post, a photo, a document of any kind, and even a link and you will start earning. This site even offers a daily bonus of 20$ for one lucky user per day.

What’s nice about is that if your content gets featured, you will have a bonus earning for it. It’s just like joining myspace or facebook where you can update your status and link your redgage account to many other social networking/bookmarking sites like twitter and facebook. You can even import your content directly from these sites. When you reach 25$, then allows you to withdraw your funds.

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Way # 3: Make Money by writing articles. is one of the most popular sites nowadays that lets its users earn online. It is also one of the highest paying article writing sites online. Earning on Bukisa is easy, just “share your knowledge, and earn money”. Once you have signed up with this site, it lets you upload/publish articles, videos, slides, etc. and once your content is approved, you start earning.

What’s nice with bukisa is that it has a higher payment rate compared to other similar sites and it allows republishing of contents. So you can post your already published articles here as much as you like. This site also has an easy-to-use dashboard and publisher tool which you can easily use to publish your contents. This site pays you when you reach a minimum earning of 10$ and is paid thru paypal.

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Of course,there are lots of ways to earn online, all you have to do is search and choose which one fits you best. Also do a bit of research about a particular site so you won’t become a victim of a variety of scams out there.

Have fun earning and Good Luck!


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