Awakening Indians to India

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Anywhere Banking

There are over 70,000 bank branches in India, amongst the highest in the world!!

Prized Platform

The railway platform at Kharagpur in West Bengal is 833 mts(2,733 ft) long the longest in the world.

Jai hind……Jai hind ki Sena

India’s proficient standing army of 1.1 million is the second largest in the world after china.

India has the second largest English-speaking graduates in the world (next only to USA).

Yes we speak English, but Indian.

Indians….the ATMs———-all time mastermind

The ATM bank card Technology was developed in India in the late eighties but it was patented in the US. IT was a one million dollar sale to Unisys which in turn made 700 million dollars by selling it all over the world.

Our footprints in the field of fingerprints

The worlds’ first fingerprint bureau was set up in Kolkata in June 1897. A murder case in 1898 in Jalpaiguri was among the first in world where the culprit was caught on the basis of Dactyloscopy, the science of fingerprint identification.

Can you beat this?

Indian Institute of Management, Ahmadabad, is the toughest management school in the world to get into, ahead of Harvard Business School, Columbia University, Spain’s Institute de Empressa and France’s Instead, according to a survey by The Economist. In terms of the course content, it comes fifth.


Taranath Shenoy, who is deaf, dumb and blind in one eye, did not let his physical disability stop him from swimming across the English Channel and the Straits of Gibraltar.

Vinod Dham– Father of Pentium.

Sabeer Bhatia– Founder of


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