Tips for Writing That Award Speech You Have Always Wanted to Give

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-Don’t force yourself to be funny. No one likes to hear awkward or forced jokes. This only embarrasses you and the audience.

-Your dance teacher from 6th grade does not need to be thanked, unless she really helped you get the award. The thank-yous you do give will be that much more meaningful if they are only given to a few important people.

-Keep it short if you really don’t have much to say. It’s tempting to ramble because you feel like you should. However, the audience will appreciate brevity in the end, especially if you are not the only one giving an award speech.

-Be sincere! This seems pretty obvious, but many people are tempted to portray themselves as something they are not when speaking to a crowd or accepting an award. Sincerity will go alot further than you might imagine.

– Be honest and open, not pretentious or lofty. On the flip side, don’t act stupid or frivolous. Getting this award is important to you and you need to express that, but not with words longer than your own full name! On the other hand, being too familiar will definitely put people off.

-Include some pauses and smiles. If you need to remind yourself to look up now and then, do so. A natural speech has a good flow, meaning you will pause for laughter and to make eye contact. Anticipate these places and make a note.

With these tips, you should be well on your way to writing a great award speech. Congratulations!


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